The Bellas of Southern Lights

The Bellas of Southern Lights 

A Ladies Choir for all vocal abilities

Ryan Bonacina and Evan Kerr

The Bellas of Southern Lights runs on Monday evenings from 7:30pm - 8:30pm. 

This group is all about singing in a choir as well as having fun and making new friends. The Bellas are a brand new group started in 2022 for people who are looking to improve their singing as well as to sing for fun. This group is open for all ladies over the age of 18!

Members of The Bellas of Southern Lights will be introduced to the fundamentals of singing as well as developing their own voices. As members grow within the group they will start to learn harmonies, tone control and other aspects of group singing. 

This group is suitable for beginner singers and more advanced performers of all ages!

Interested in joining The Bellas of Southern Lights? Get in touch today!