Piano Lessons


Evan Kerr & Ryan Bonacina & Blake Douglas

All of our piano lessons are private lessons which means that it is one on one with the teacher. We accept all levels of ability- from beginners through to advanced players. Our piano teachers Ryan and Blake is wonderful at working with younger students who are just starting on their piano journey, whereas Evan is a fantastic teacher for more students with a few years of experience. Evan also enjoys working with students who are learning how to self accompany as he has a strong background in this area.

Our piano students are given the opportunity to perform for their friends and family at our Mid Year Recital as well as our Guitar and Piano Concert. We usually recommend that for younger students, they at least need to have started kindergarten before they begin piano lessons. Of course, this does vary from student to student so if you aren't sure if you're child is ready please give us a call!


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