"Ensemble skills, improvisation, characterisation and a whole lot of laughs"

Laurence Mews

We have two Drama Classes available!

  • Drama Class 1 for students aged 8 - 12 on Thursdays from 4:30pm - 5:15pm
  • Drama Class 2 for students aged 12 - 16 on Thursdays from 5:15pm - 6pm


Our Drama Class is a fun and interactive class where students will be taught a myriad of dramatic techniques. The class has a strong focus on ensemble skills and working with other members of the class. We do this to create strong social relationships and a safe environment where students are comfortable exploring new ideas. In our class students will develop the foundations of improvisation, characterisation, script analysis and story telling. As the class develops we start to delve into the elements of Drama and how and why we apply them in our performances. 

Student's will learn:

  • Improvisation skills.
  • Ensemble skills.
  • Script Analysis 
  • Story telling.
  • Confidence onstage.
  • How to perform with other people.
  • Collaboration and respect for other members.


Interested in joining our Drama Class? Get in touch today!