Adult Community Band

"A Place for All Ages to Thrive"

Ben Carey


Our Adult Community Band is on Monday nights 8pm - 9pm and our Teen Community Band runs on Wednesday from 8pm - 9pm!

Our Community Bands a place for all ages and experience levels to join and just have fun playing with other people and learning how to play as a group, this extend on playing/singing by solo. Being in a band has multiple benefits such as, learning to collaborate, keep in time and overcome challenges you may face along the way. The class decides as a group on the songs that they would all enjoy to play and are constantly looking for new songs to challenge them and help them improve as musicians. The class will also allow for performance opportunities at local venues and at our end of year concerts. 

Students will learn:

  • How to play and keep in time with others.
  • How to play different styles of music.
  • The role of your instrument in a band setting.
  • Collaborative skills.
  • Performing Skills.


Interested in joining one of our Bands? Get in touch today!!

Open for all ages, for those who play a guitar, drums, bass or enjoy singing. The Community Band is for all experience levels and is welcoming of everyone!