Genevieve Sutton

Performance Class is on Monday nights 6:45pm - 7:45pm.

Suitable for students of all ages!

Performance Class promotes positive attitudes amongst peers in order to develop their on-stage skills in a safe, friendly environment. This class doesn't focus on vocal skills but instead aims to develop different performing techniques. Students have the opportunity to focus on both solo performing skills as well as group pieces.

Performance Class is a very fun class for students who need a challenge and want to step outside of their comfort zone. The class is divided into two different sections; solo performance and group workshops. Students are designated a week in each term where they perform a solo song for the class which is then 'workshopped' together as a group. This is incredibly beneficial for students practicing for auditions. The group workshop in each class is to teach students how to interact in an ensemble and prepare them for group performances .

Students will learn:

  • Stage techniques (both before and in during performance).
  • Ensemble skills (when performing in groups, or as a soloist).
  • Vocal strength exercises (that are specifically catered for high energy performances).
  • Adaptable techniques to utilise with any performing style.